How We Do It

Our People

Kingston System inspectors are experienced consulting engineers and project managers that bring a perspective to the field that challenges the status quo of acceptance and conformity. We utilize Engineers and Advanced Degreed Consultants,vs. Service Techs. This means that they challenge the industry norm and push for improved control system quality and standards. On average our consultants have 20 years of professional experience in development and testing, engineering, project management, management consulting and process management. Kingston Systems supports industry improvement in control systems through active participation in relevant IADC and SPE committees.

Our Processes and Tools

  • Control Systems Acceptance Program: Kingston Systems has built and offers to their clients a rig control systems acceptance test program. This test plan supplements a standard rig acceptance program with focused and documented evidence of the testing and verification on the Drilling, Vessel and BOP Control Systems. It is applicable to older generation rigs as well as land rigs.
  • Knowledge Management Network: A complete and searchable archive of the corporate experience. This effectively gives the engineer finger tip access to everything that Kingston Systems has previously encountered. This searchable knowledge base includes failures, documentation, investigations, vendor reports, photographs and more. The framework is available to all employees regardless of global location or connectivity and comes to our clients at zero additional cost.
  • Alarm Analysis Tools: We have a unique and powerful methodology to extract vendor alarms and analyze them for increased insight into equipment status, potential failures and enhanced equipment and operator efficiencies. The consultant driven analysis performs prioritization, grouping, trending, outlier identification and overall interpretation.
  • Controls Verification and Validation Methodology: Our copyrighted approach to controls verification and validation provides documented evidence of increased control systems assurance. The methodology consists of an extremely detailed Control System entity list and the associated required verification test(s) to validate that it is correctly functioning. By customizing this testing definition list for your control system and then documenting progress towards completion Kingston Systems is able to provide documented evidence of testing performed; thus providing a tangible element to software risk reduction. A typical entity list will contain many thousand unique test.
  • Software Management of Change Template: As part of our efforts to implement Software Management on a vessel, our consultants come equipped with our corporately recommended tool kit which includes a Management Policy, Register, Change Control documents and Vendor Education Kits.
  • Commissioning Templates: Kingston Systems provides its global team a range of commissioning templates that supplement those provided from the vendor and help increase the testing coverage and hence your confidence in the over testing and acceptance of the equipment.
  • Reporting Templates and QA Review Service: To limit the time spent in administrative areas and to improve the quality and consistency of the delivered product Kingston System has a base set of reporting templates and a report review service.

Industry Standards: Kingston Systems is committed to working with industry groups to improve and standardize control systems across the industry. We are actively involved in IADC Advanced Rig Committees as well as the SPE DSA Technical Section. Additionally we feel it is important to drive publication and distribution of relevant industry standard and practices that impact control systems. Please use this list as a reference guide to learn of applicable standards and agencies, their application to controls and your equipment, and of course how Kingston Systems incorporates them into our services to you.

  • NPD/PSA YA 711: Provides guidance on alarm system development and management including filtering, prioritization and usability.
  • ISO/IEC 12207: Defines the suggested standard for developing and maintaining industrial software. Kingston uses this as a benchmark to evaluate vendor processes, procedures and performance.
  • ISO/IEC 90003: Application guidelines for ISO 9001 to Computer Software. Kingston uses this as a benchmark to evaluate vendor processes, procedures and performance.
  • IEC 61508: Standard for safety of Electrical and Electronic systems: used by our inspectors during investigations.
  • IEEE 828, ML-HDBK-61A: Standards on software management of change. Kingston Systems incorporates these into programs that help our client build Software as a Management and Maintenance Discipline.
  • ISA 18: The 2009 International Society of Automation’s approach to alarm mgmt. design and maintenance is incorporated into Kingston Systems basic approach to Software Management of Change.