What We Do

Rigs and Equipment

Practical Cyber Security Solutions: From penetration testing to Design Reviews to Corporate Policy and Training. We have practical proven solutions.

Operational Acceptance Testing: Kingston Systems flagship service provides increased assurance that the control system is free from operational flaws and fit for duty. We will design and execute a testing regime covering subsurface, vessel management and drilling control systems.

Equipment Inspection & Troubleshooting: Be it during FAT, construction, acceptance or after a failure, Kingston Systems provides field experienced software, mechanical, or electrical experts to act as inspectors. We focus on the increasing criticality of software in control systems, vendor integration, vessel safety and operational effectiveness. Our experts have commissioned control systems from all major vendors.

Engineering Design Reviews and FMECA: Examination of equipment design & function with an eye towards operational capability, our mechanical, electrical and software consultants will work with vendors and other experts to review equipment designs and analyze them for single points of failure, SIL performance and integration issues. Kingston Systems will work with your operational team to devise mitigation plans and procedures in cases where design changes are not possible.

Software Management of Change: Managing software as an Engineering Discipline is rapidly becoming a requirement due to the increased critical role of software controlled equipment. Kingston Systems can help with rig or fleet specific solutions that encompass process, technology and vendor participation.

Vendor Software Development Assessment: An on-site assessment of the vendor’s approach to control software planning, development, testing and project control according to industry best practices and guidelines. ISO 90003 and other protocols are used as a guideline for the assessment. It is not a certification rather an tactical evaluation of the use of protocols and best practices on a project. The assessment gives the client insight into quality and time deliverable projections for this project. The vendor receives tactical and strategic actionable improvement suggestions to apply against the current project and across their organization.

Hardware Simulation: By simulating a physical piece of hardware (i.e.: Drawworks), one can perform non-invasive testing that could otherwise prove dangerous for the equipment or personnel. Such testing increases owner confidence in equipment mechanical design as well as control programming. Kingston Systems can perform or provide expert witness on Hardware in the Loop testing on most equipment including, BOP, Drawworks, etc.

Alarm Analysis: Control system alarms are the most underutilized equipment monitoring tool on modern rigs today. Often they are key to improved operational performance and failure avoidance. Kingston System has tools that analyze and manage alarms. From prioritization to filtering to post failure analysis and trouble shooting, our alarm service increases the capabilities of your crew and the reliability for your equipment. We also offer an online alarm tool which provides hand free analysis and interpretation on all alarms. This is available on NOV, AKER, KONGSBERG and CAMERON systems.

Drilling Operational Teams

Operational Performance Consulting/ Training Development: With our intimate knowledge of the operational capability of control systems, our experts will work with your team and vendors to tweak system parameters, turning saved seconds and minutes into significant yearly efficiency savings.

Drilling Planning Teams

Drilling Planning Performance Consulting: Our experts are experienced upstream consultants with a wide variety of tools available to help your drilling planning teams execute and improve their wells. From ‘Beyond The Best’ initiatives to ‘Technical Limit’ planning and ‘Drilling Process’ design, Kingston Systems can accelerate your team’s capabilities with improve process, documentation, organization learning, and team performance.