Rig Inspection Services

Risk Reduction via Improved Inspection

Specializing in advanced rigs, we reduce your Drilling Equipment NPT, increasing your revenue and operating efficiency. Our focus on high tech means you get the best inspectors for your 6th Generation Cyber Rig Automation System Inspection from Sub-surface to Crown, from Drilling, BOP, to Dynamic Positioning. We are the Rig Inspection Engineers of choice for Operators and Contractors on equipment controls automation & software verification during design, construction, intake acceptance or disaster troubleshooting. We cover Software Management, Cyber Security, Verification, Design Review, Functional Performance Testing, Hardware in Loop, and more. We are leveraged as expert witness, acceptance inspectors, and staff engineers.

  • Operational Acceptance Testing
  • Equipment Inspection & Troubleshooting
  • Engineering Design Reviews and FMECA
  • Software Management of Change
  • Custom Consulting Services

Our People

  • Experience: 15/years min experience w/ consulting background
  • Education: Masters Engineering or Similar
  • Tools: Best Inspection Process
  • Support: QA/QC Team approach, no man solo

Our Processes and Tools

  • Control Systems Acceptance Program
  • Knowledge Management Network
  • Alarm Analysis Tools
  • Controls Verification and Validation Methodology
  • Software Management of Change Template
  • Commissioning Templates
  • Reporting Templates and QA Review Service
  • Industry Standards

Value To You

Value Add:  C Angelini – Platform Manager.
“You supplement the team very well. The Electrical Engineers do not understand this (software), the Electronics are too busy pushing paper and managing everything else, the ET’s, well, they take orders well. You (Kingston Systems) can stay focused and diligent, plus you bring experience from many more rigs and platforms.”

Value Add:  A Volphini –Chief Electronic.
“I do not trust the (vendor’s) punch list we will use Kingston’s. It is more accurate and detailed.”

Integral to Team:  R. Burgman – Chief Engineer Songa.
“I enjoyed working with Kingston Systems, they quickly became an integral part of our team and helped us with our common objectives. Kingston Systems proactively helped identify and correct issues that might have slowed down, or stopped, operations in the future. Additionally Kingston Systems helped us establish core processes and tools that are a must for a 6th generation rig. One doesn’t want to admit that their new build project might have issues, regardless it is better to find and correct potential show stoppers before moving to operations. I would welcome working with Kingston Systems again in the future.”