Land Rigs Need Love Too

Inspect your Land Assets to Reduce Risk

We are developing a presentation for public release at a coming industry conference. The presentation will enforce the need for land operators to inspect their leased assets and contractors (Rigs, Trucks, Pumping Units, etc).

Here’s a high-level summary of some critical key findings that we consistently find.

Get you Land Rig Inspected
  • Critical Mis-Understand of API certification compliance
  • Complete failure to maintain EX barriers
  • Non-Existent maintenance logs
  • Non-Existent certification records
  • Poor DROPS behavior and practices
  • Dangerously Sloppy housekeeping
  • Zero Software and Cyber Controls
  • and Much Much more

Don’t get caught short – inspect your land assets ASAP.

Stay tuned and/or write to to receive a copy.