12 Days of Christmas

  Join us for a light hearted take on a Christmas classic, the 12 days of Christmas.  We review impactful services to the Upstream Industry that Kingston Systems has introduced and championed over the past decade. Let’s count up to Santa’s Dig Day with a recap of these services and solutions that you, our valued clients, have told us that have helped reduce NPT and increase performance. On the first first day of Christmas Kingston Systems gave to us….

  1. 2009/2010 Whitepaper on the “Challenges of Control System Acceptance,” one of our first white papers that laid the groundwork for what we deliver.
  2. Software Management of Change consulting. Kingston Systems were the first and are still leading the way with providing Software Management of Change Best Practice Consulting to the Oilfield. We started do so right out of the gate, then shortly later….
  3. Software Management of Change Recommended Procedure. Dating back before the spring of 2010 we were key in encouraging a shift change in thinking; that drilling contractors need to consider software management as a core competence. This RP led the way.
  4. Cyber Security on rigs and platforms. Around the time of Stuxnet, Kingston Systems give indication that rigs were exposed to significant Cyber Security risks. We’ve come a long way since then with ISA62443 being the current starting point for risk cyber security. More is available on the RP for Cyber Security.
  5. Alarm Analysis. Another area in which Kingston Systems were the ground breakers. Control Systems Alarm Analysis. Initially this was for systems stability and communication verification. But as our access to alarms grew we found opportunities for preventative maintenance and crew competency development.
  6. Software Considerations for Contracts. What terms are best suited to ensure that all parties best meet the needs of software control systems. How can you ensure they are in place during contracting and during long term operations.
  7. Control Systems Deficiency Knowledge Database. Released in 2010, our knowledge base of past failures puts all rig failures and punch list entries at the finger tips of inspector globally.  The K-Base stores historical information by vendor, equipment type, context, rig, and if keyword searchable. It alone is a reason to have Kingston Systems on board.
  8. Alarm Analysis has been so popular we offer this as a weekly operational quality control tool where it continues to prove valuable. Several clients are leveraging this – sign up to be one of them.
  9. Cyber Security. Another first in the 6th generation rig inspection industry, Kingston Systems started offering our RP for Cyber Security mentioned above. Out service offering has morphed and evolved into practical and money saving active and passive penetration testing services for your rigs and facilities.
  10. ..   Stay tuned for more..
  11. ….what will come on day 12!