Value To You

We know that operational performance and communication are important to you. With a staff of experienced field engineers we focus on working with you and your contractors to ensure that your equipment delivers the maximum technical value for your asset.

This includes providing deliverables that:

  • Communicate the current state (of equipment), operational impact and recommended solutions.
  • Cut through the cloud of misunderstanding or misdirection between vendors and other parties.
  • Provide clear tools and process to mastering software as an engineering discipline.
  • Provide added risk assurances that equipment is robustly tested and ready for service.
  • Supplement your staff with a required and in high demand skills set.

When the end goal is reducing failures incidents and equipment downtime, our clients often tell us their increased confidence in the equipment as well as improved understanding of avoidance and mitigation plans by far outweigh the nominal cost of our services. A savings of a few hours offshore NPT more than covers the fees for a full rig inspection.

Client Feedback

Overall Performance:  G Copes, Saipem 12000 Platform Manager.
Kingston Systems Inspectors provided us with a great deal of assistance during the Commissioning and Acceptance of the Saipem 12000 in Korea and while enroute to Congo. As experienced controls inspectors, the Kingston Systems team is professional well trained to focus on attention to detail, software quality and testing. They have been a great help to our team. Specifically they have helped:

1) Improve the stability of the control system by identifying and managing the resolution of critical and non-critical punch items.
2) Improve our fleet wide Software Management of Change Process.
3) Monitor the vendors on board to minimize the risk of software change or regression post commissioning.

Most likely without their assistance, we wouldn’t had discovered many incorrect setup or functionality of the system (or discovered at a later stage in operation) If I have to find a weak point to me , I’d say that sometimes they are so keen in digging also into very minor items that may distract the attention and divert the workload away from (at this stage) more important issues. In conclusion, my overall impression is more than positive.”

Very Satisfied:  Pol Palacios -TEPA Superintendent.
“I had the occasion to work closely with Kingston Systems surveyors during the commissioning and acceptance process of the deep water drill ship Saipem 12000. I was very satisfied of the overall support provided during this mission. The main added value points that I think Kingston Systems has brought to the project are:

  • Knowledge of drilling control systems that extended efficiently the “in house” competences.
  • Lead capacity to help their client to identify the points were innovative and more structured software management and control approach is to be requested from our contractors.
  • Reactivity, pro-activity and flexibility.
  • Rigor and professionalism, together with a permanent care for details.
  • Team oriented people that developed excellent relations with all the project actors, allowing smooth resolution of problems and avoiding conflicts of the surveyor/surveyed type among the teams.

I would not see any obstacle in accepting the services of Kingston System, should the opportunity re-occur in similar fields. This assessment is reflecting my personal opinion and does not engage the Total group in any manner”

Value Add:  C Angelini – Platform Manager.
“You supplement the team very well. The Electrical Engineers do not understand this (software), the Electronics are too busy pushing paper and managing everything else, the ET’s, well, they take orders well. You (Kingston Systems) can stay focused and diligent, plus you bring experience from many more rigs.”

Value Add:  A Volphini –Chief Electronic.
“I do not trust the (vendor’s) punch list we will use Kingston’s. It is more accurate and detailed.”

Integral to Team:  R. Burgman – Chief Engineer Songa.
“I enjoyed working with Kingston Systems, they quickly became an integral part of our team and helped us with our common objectives. Kingston Systems proactively helped identify and correct issues that might have slowed down, or stopped, operations in the future. Additionally Kingston Systems helped us establish core processes and tools that are a must for a 6th generation rig. One doesn’t want to admit that their new build project might have issues, regardless it is better to find and correct potential show stoppers before moving to operations. I would welcome working with Kingston Systems again in the future.”